We are The Halo Trees, a band from Berlin. We play Indie Rock. We have just released our first EP „Time And Tide Wait For No Man“. You can stream or download it at:

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A full album will follow. Stay tuned!

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The Halo Trees:
Sascha Blach – Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Kathrin Bierhalter – Guitar, Vocals, Violin
Serdar Uludag – Bass
Christian Sievers – Drums

The musical journey of The Halo Trees began somewhere in Berlin around 2016, when songwriter, producer and singer Sascha Blach decided to start his most challenging work to date. Something, that was meant to be more than “just a band project”. Something, he could do for the next twenty, thirty years. Something like a “sonic pension insurance”. Something, he had to do.

Being a creative shape shifter, who went through the worlds of metal, prog rock, pop, soundtracks and electronica already, he felt the urge to continue on this track towards the unknown. The vision: deep, soothing and melancholic music with a lot of space for the voice and handcrafted songwriting. An artistic universe inspired by David Bowie, Editors, Interpol, The National or Nick Cave. A blend of indie rock, pop, and post rock with lots of tom-toms, deep bass frequencies, atmospheric guitars and this sonorous, warm voice, you won’t forget.

The music was not easily conceived. More than two years Sascha worked in his studio to establish a Halo Trees sound that felt 100 percent right. Euphoric moments. Days of silence. New insights. Weekends of frustration. Sessions with friends. Trial and error again and again. In the end around twenty songs have been recorded and are waiting for a release some day in 2018.

The Halo Trees are a DIY band, which forges it’s own distinctive path. Not only the music, also the videos and artworks they produce themselves. The core of the band is vocalist and guitarist Sascha Blach, guitarist, singer and violinist Kathrin Bierhalter, bass player Serdar Uludag and drummer Christian Sievers. They will release their 1st album soon. And they will play live. Stay tuned!