Der Winter Solitude End Of The Year-Sale

Den ganzen Dezember hindurch – vom 01. bis 31.12. also – gibt es bei uns im Winter Solitude Shop diverse Shirts und CDs für nur 5€. Wir brauchen Platz im Lager und Startkapital für unsere nächsten Projekte im neuen Jahr. So könnt Ihr uns durch eine Bestellung gleich doppelt helfen. Stöbert doch mal durch die einzelnen Rubriken und nutzt die Chance – geeignet auch wunderbar zum Kennenlernen neuer Musik. 

Bei allen Artikeln gilt, nur solange der Vorrat reicht! Der Versand erfolgt Anfang Januar gesammelt für alle Bestellungen.

für jeweils 5€ gibt es u.a. folgende:


Aethernaeum T-Shirt/Girly „Waldkathedrale“

Aethernaeum T-Shirt/Girly „Logo“

Aethernaeum T-Shirt/Girly „Naturmystik“

Alexander Paul Blake T-Shirt/Girly „Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter“ 

Despairation T-Shirt/Girly & CD „New World Obscurity“ 

Eden Weint Im Grab T-Shirt/Girly „In der Toten-Taverne“

Eden Weint Im Grab T-Shirt/Girly „Na(c)htodreise“ (weiß)


Eden Weint Im Grab CD „Geysterstunde I“

Eden Weint Im Grab CD „Der Herbst des Einsamen“

Eden Weint Im Grab CD „Nachtidyll – Ein akustisches Zwischenspiel“

Mansions In The Sea CD „Terra”

The Halo Trees CD „Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer“ (EP)

The Halo Trees CD „Summergloom“

Berlin show cancelled!

Unfortunately we have to cancel the show at Arcanoa, Berlin on Nov. 25 2022 due to a timing inconvenience within the band. We hope to be able to honor Berlin live again soon. We’re very sorry!

New EP „Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer“

We will release a new EP on July 1, 2022 as a follow-up to our 2021 album „Summergloom“, which is already clearly recognizable as a twin release by its title „Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer“. The 5 songs of the EP were all created in the course of the „Summergloom“ sessions, but didn’t find a place on the album for various reasons – be it because they were stylistically a bit out of the ordinary or because they weren’t finished in time. So „Reverberations Of A Gloomy Summer“ sounds a bit more experimental, versatile and stylistically freer than the last album.

With the Portishead cover „Sour Times“ and the two original compositions „Nothing More To Worry About“ and „Song Of Compassion“, there are also three bonus tracks on the CD version, which were previously only available as digital releases. All three tracks had already been released as digital singles in the run-up to the album „Summergloom“ to bridge the waiting time for the record. For the CD version, which thus contains 8 tracks, the mix and mastering were also reworked once again. The CD is exclusively available in the Winter Solitude Shop as well as soon in our Bandcamp-Shop!

The CD release party will take place on 30.06.2022 at the Junction Bar Berlin. At this show we will also present our new line-up for the first time.

New line-up

The Halo Trees are finally four musicians again. We welcome Nora Nünning on violin and Gabriel Wohlfahrt on bass as new members of the band.
On June 30th you can see them live for the first time, because we will play that night at Junction Bar in Berlin.
See Facebook event


The Halo Trees singer Sascha has recorded a solo album, which will be released on July 1. Mansions In The Sea is the name of the project and it stands for quiet folk music. The first single including video was just released:

Pre-order the album here

The Halo Trees: „Wanderlust“ video clip & „Summergloom“ vinyl out now!

Like so many bands these days, we had to wait a bit longer for the vinyl delivery of their latest album. While the CD and digital release of „Summergloom“ was already in early October 2021, the vinyl release was delayed to February 4, 2022 due to raw material delivery problems. The vinyl version is now available in D/AT/CH via retailers and for the rest of the world it can be ordered from our Bandcamp store.

For the belated release, we also spend a new video clip. The light-footed indie rock track „Wanderlust“, which has already been described by numerous fans and media representatives as their personal highlight of the album, has been accompanied by a video shot on Ibiza, which shows Sascha on a partly surreal trip that lives up to the album title „Summergloom“. Enjoy!

„Summergloom“ vinyl now available!

The time has finally come. After we had to wait since last summer (the pressing plant couldn’t keep the delivery time), the „Summergloom“ LPs have arrived now. The pre-orders have been shipped in the meantime and you can order the vinyl edition of „Summergloom“ in our Winter Solitude shop and our Bandcamp store. From February 04, 2022 the vinyl version will be available in German-speaking countries also via retailers (from other countries it’s best to order via Bandcamp). By the way, on this date we will also release a video clip for the song „Wanderlust“.

Last week @ DAC

So 8 weeks is the maximum time a band can be in the Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAC) and we reached that maximum with our new album „Summergloom“. We are still at #6 and are very thankful 🙂

Spotify playlist „Melancholic Indie Music“ updated!

We have again updated our Spotify playlist „Melancholic Indie Music„. Now 99 tracks, more than 7 hours playing time. Share and save the playlist, if you like it. New are tracks of these artists:

Madrugada – The Slow Show – Radiohead – Pink Turns Blue – Desperate Journalist – Sneaker Pimps – Deafheaven – Creux Lies – Lantlos – Traitrs – Grundeis – Thief – Emma Ruth Rundle – Charlie Cunnigham – Lana Del Rey – Cosma Nova – Bootblacks – Efterklang – The Brides Of The Black Room – GULVØSS – Tang Nova – Hanna & Kerttu

and of course new songs by The Halo Trees 😉

#3 in den Deutschen Alternative Charts

Was haben wir uns letzte Woche über Platz 9 in den Deutschen Alternative Charts (DAC) gefreut – und nun das. Unser neues Album „Summergloom“ ist diese Woche auf Platz 3 gestiegen. Da sind wir baff!


In der aktuellen Ausgabe des MusiX Magazins findet Ihr auch einen Beitrag über The Halo Trees.
Zitat daraus: „Neben den warmen Vocals macht die intensive Indie-Instrumentierung die Scheibe so speziell, film-noir-cineastisch und irgendwie sphärisch.“
Das Magazin liegt an 2.500 Kartenvorverkaufsstellen und flächendeckend in allen Media-Markt-Filialen aus. Wer es einfacher haben möchte, kann das Mag auch online als E-Paper lesen.

Classic Rock Ausgabe 11/2021

Sehr zu empfehlen ist die aktuelle Ausgabe des Classic Rock Magazins, und das nicht nur, weil ein Interview, Rezensionen und CD-Track von einer Band, deren Beitrag Ihr just in diesem Moment lest, darin zu finden ist 😉 Gibt’s am Kiosk und im gut sortierten Zeitschriftenhandel in Deutschland!

Feature bei

Neues Feature bei … Sascha beantwortet 5 Fragen wie z.B. „Was sollte sich deiner Meinung nach in der Rock/Metal-Community zum Besseren verändern?“ oder „Bitte empfiehl ein Buch, das man unbedingt gelesen haben sollte“…

Zum Artikel

Out now: New album „Summergloom“

It’s finally out: our new album „Summergloom“. Available as cd, download and stream. Also exclusively only at Bandcamp and our own Winter Solitude shop as fanpackage with cd, shirt and lanyard.
Vinyl release is unfortunately delayed due to problems with the printing due to a shortage of raw materials. We hope for a vinyl release still in 2021 and keep you updated here.

All links to Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon etc. are here at a glance:

Delay of „Summergloom“ vinyl release

Unfortunately, there were delays in the „Summergloom“ vinyl production due to a shortage of raw materials. We hope for a delivery still in 2021. We are really sorry and will announce the new release date for vinyl here as soon as we can predict it and we are already waiting impatiently ourselves.

CD and digital version of the album will of course be released October 8th 2021.