New single „Wrong Train“ + Album pre-order

Before the new The Halo Trees album “Where The Deep Ends” will be released via COP International on June 7, 2024, the Berlin band is presenting another single from it today, “Wrong Train”. “Wrong Train” is a hypnotic, catchy track with a dark tone that combines the best of post-punk, indie rock and dark rock. The deep, narrative vocals are carried by meditative drums, melancholic violins and an intelligent interplay of guitars, bass and Rhodes piano. The album “Where The Deep Ends” will be released in a bundle with the 50-page appendix book of the same name by singer/guitarist Sascha Blach, which deepens and expands the content of the lyrics in pictures, short stories, philosophical texts, poems and comments. “Wrong Train” can now be heard on all streaming and download platforms. On June 6th the band will play their record release concert at the Art Stalker Club in Berlin.


HERE you can stream “Wrong Train”

HERE you can pre-order the album in our Winter Solitude shop