New song: „Covid-19 (Song Of Compassion)“

The corona crisis hits us all hard. Not only through infections or even deaths, but much more often indirectly through the loss of jobs and orders, or through part-time work. Others have a hard time because they have to work under difficult conditions in their jobs, e.g. in clinics or supermarkets. Still others do not have it easy on a personal level and suffer from visiting bans, fear or because the ceiling falls on their heads.
Since music can sometimes give a person more buoyancy than a thousand words, we felt the need to make a song for all of us. We interrupted work on our second album for a weekend and, out of quarantine, wrote and recorded a song to give some compassion to all those who are going through a difficult time. It’s called „Covid-19 (Song Of Compassion)“ and it’s for you – to listen to at home!

The Halo Trees, end of March 2020