New The Halo Trees album „Summergloom“ in late summer 2021

In the last few months, despite the three non-album single releases (“Song Of Compassion”, “Nothing More To Worry About” and, most recently, the Portishead cover “Sour Times”) we have been somewhat withdrawn. But there was a good reason for that, because we worked hard on our new record “Summergloom”. We are proud to announce that it will see the light of day on October 8, 2021 via our own label Winter Solitude Productions.

A lot has also happened behind the scenes. Bassist Serdar Uludag and violinist Kathrin Bierhalter unfortunately left us for private reasons after the recordings for “Summergloom”. However, Kathrin will stay with The Halo Trees for studio recordings in the future. Bassist Maik Antrack complements the remaining duo Sascha Blach (vocals, guitar, synths) and Stefan Helwig (drums) at live shows in the future. With “Summergloom” you can experience a significant further development, as we have made our sound much more interesting with many details such as more progressive and electronic elements – at least that’s what we think. The album will be available for pre-order in about 2 weeks with the release of the first single. We’re also working on a vinyl release. There will be four singles and videos in advance of the release. Stay tuned!