Spotify playlist „Melancholic Indie Music“ updated!

We have again updated our Spotify playlist „Melancholic Indie Music„. Now 99 tracks, more than 7 hours playing time. Share and save the playlist, if you like it. New are tracks of these artists:

Madrugada – The Slow Show – Radiohead – Pink Turns Blue – Desperate Journalist – Sneaker Pimps – Deafheaven – Creux Lies – Lantlos – Traitrs – Grundeis – Thief – Emma Ruth Rundle – Charlie Cunnigham – Lana Del Rey – Cosma Nova – Bootblacks – Efterklang – The Brides Of The Black Room – GULVØSS – Tang Nova – Hanna & Kerttu

and of course new songs by The Halo Trees 😉

#3 in den Deutschen Alternative Charts

Was haben wir uns letzte Woche über Platz 9 in den Deutschen Alternative Charts (DAC) gefreut – und nun das. Unser neues Album „Summergloom“ ist diese Woche auf Platz 3 gestiegen. Da sind wir baff!


In der aktuellen Ausgabe des MusiX Magazins findet Ihr auch einen Beitrag über The Halo Trees.
Zitat daraus: „Neben den warmen Vocals macht die intensive Indie-Instrumentierung die Scheibe so speziell, film-noir-cineastisch und irgendwie sphärisch.“
Das Magazin liegt an 2.500 Kartenvorverkaufsstellen und flächendeckend in allen Media-Markt-Filialen aus. Wer es einfacher haben möchte, kann das Mag auch online als E-Paper lesen.

Classic Rock Ausgabe 11/2021

Sehr zu empfehlen ist die aktuelle Ausgabe des Classic Rock Magazins, und das nicht nur, weil ein Interview, Rezensionen und CD-Track von einer Band, deren Beitrag Ihr just in diesem Moment lest, darin zu finden ist 😉 Gibt’s am Kiosk und im gut sortierten Zeitschriftenhandel in Deutschland!

Feature bei

Neues Feature bei … Sascha beantwortet 5 Fragen wie z.B. „Was sollte sich deiner Meinung nach in der Rock/Metal-Community zum Besseren verändern?“ oder „Bitte empfiehl ein Buch, das man unbedingt gelesen haben sollte“…

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Out now: New album „Summergloom“

It’s finally out: our new album „Summergloom“. Available as cd, download and stream. Also exclusively only at Bandcamp and our own Winter Solitude shop as fanpackage with cd, shirt and lanyard.
Vinyl release is unfortunately delayed due to problems with the printing due to a shortage of raw materials. We hope for a vinyl release still in 2021 and keep you updated here.

All links to Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon etc. are here at a glance:

Delay of „Summergloom“ vinyl release

Unfortunately, there were delays in the „Summergloom“ vinyl production due to a shortage of raw materials. We hope for a delivery still in 2021. We are really sorry and will announce the new release date for vinyl here as soon as we can predict it and we are already waiting impatiently ourselves.

CD and digital version of the album will of course be released October 8th 2021.

Spotify playlist „Melancholic Indie Music“ got an update!

We have updated our Spotify playlist „Melancholic Indie Music„. 75 Tracks, 5,5 hours playing time now. Share and save the playlist, if you like it. New are tracks by these recommended artists:

Sufjan Stevens
Tindersticks & Charles Webster
Sivert Hoyem
Damon Albarn
The Beauty Of Gemina
Anna Ternheim & Lambert
Me & That Man
Old Sea Brigade
All Diese Gewalt
I Like Trains
Petter Carlsen
Whispering Sons
The Notwist
Agnes Obel

and of course by The Halo Trees.

Album Pre-order

You can pre-order „Summergloom“ at our Bandcamp page. Ships at October 8th 2021.

New single & video „Leave No Fear“

Two years after the debut album “Antennas To The Sky” we will release our second record, “Summergloom”, on October 8th, 2021. As a first foretaste today we release the first single „Leave No Fear“ including an epic video clip that was recorded at the North Sea. The wide, lonely beaches almost look like a surrealistic lunar landscape, which underlines the escapist content.

The single is now available on all streaming and download portals. The album can be pre-ordered, in addition to CD and download, also as gatefold vinyl and – exclusively in the Winter Solitude shop – as fan packages with shirts and lanyards.

Here you can see the clip:

New The Halo Trees album „Summergloom“ in late summer 2021

In the last few months, despite the three non-album single releases (“Song Of Compassion”, “Nothing More To Worry About” and, most recently, the Portishead cover “Sour Times”) we have been somewhat withdrawn. But there was a good reason for that, because we worked hard on our new record “Summergloom”. We are proud to announce that it will see the light of day on October 8, 2021 via our own label Winter Solitude Productions.

A lot has also happened behind the scenes. Bassist Serdar Uludag and violinist Kathrin Bierhalter unfortunately left us for private reasons after the recordings for “Summergloom”. However, Kathrin will stay with The Halo Trees for studio recordings in the future. Bassist Maik Antrack complements the remaining duo Sascha Blach (vocals, guitar, synths) and Stefan Helwig (drums) at live shows in the future. With “Summergloom” you can experience a significant further development, as we have made our sound much more interesting with many details such as more progressive and electronic elements – at least that’s what we think. The album will be available for pre-order in about 2 weeks with the release of the first single. We’re also working on a vinyl release. There will be four singles and videos in advance of the release. Stay tuned!

New song: „Covid-19 (Song Of Compassion)“

The corona crisis hits us all hard. Not only through infections or even deaths, but much more often indirectly through the loss of jobs and orders, or through part-time work. Others have a hard time because they have to work under difficult conditions in their jobs, e.g. in clinics or supermarkets. Still others do not have it easy on a personal level and suffer from visiting bans, fear or because the ceiling falls on their heads.
Since music can sometimes give a person more buoyancy than a thousand words, we felt the need to make a song for all of us. We interrupted work on our second album for a weekend and, out of quarantine, wrote and recorded a song to give some compassion to all those who are going through a difficult time. It’s called „Covid-19 (Song Of Compassion)“ and it’s for you – to listen to at home!

The Halo Trees, end of March 2020

Saarbrücken-Show verschoben!

Nun trifft es uns auch. Aufgrund der aktuellen Gefährdungslage im Zusammenhang mit dem Corona-Virus haben die Band und die Veranstalter von Indiera Promo sich entschlossen, den Auftritt am 18.04.2020 im Devils Place Rockclub in Saarbrücken lieber zu verschieben. Neuer Termin ist am Samstag den 24.04.2021 im Rahmen des 1. Indiera Sound Festivals im Alten Bahnhof in Völklingen.